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Building Rooftop Anchor Testing Verification Company Jacksonville FL

What Is Rooftop Anchor Testing?

Rooftop anchor testing is a process to test the anchorage system on the rooftop. The test ensures that the rooftop anchor is safe for work.

Rope Descent System (RDS) is tested in this process. The strength of rooftop anchors is tested to create a perfectly safe environment for building maintainers and window washers.

Is It a Government Law?

Yes, you can call it a Government law. OSHA – ‘occupational safety and health administration’ is a branch under the United States Department of Labor.

This department in 2017 has made this law. It’s clearly stated under 1910.27 (a and b). Hence, you have to abide by this law as a responsible citizen.

Why Was This Law Introduced?

The primary function of OSHA is to ensure the safety of the workers. High buildings are not safe for workers. They tie ropes and their equipment to work on these buildings.

Now, temporary anchors are not safe. Many accidents have happened. That’s why OSHA has introduced this new law. According to this law – building owners must have strong and certified anchors on their rooftops. If anchors fail to hold the weight of the workers, the building owner will be responsible for the accident. Thus, OSHA has ensured the safety of workers.

What Are The Primary Requirements Of The OSHA Rooftop Anchor Testing Law?

OSHA 1910.27 United States Department of Labor Laws and Guidelines copy
OSHA 1910.27 United States Department of Labor Laws and Guidelines copy
  1. A building owner must test, certify, and maintain all the anchorages on the building’s roof. It’s his/her duty to maintain the optimum strength of the anchorages.
  2. The anchorages must have the strength to hold 5,000 pounds of weight.
  3. The owner of the building has to submit a written declaration to the employer. The owner should write that he/she has done all the possible maintenance and tested the strength of the anchorages.
  4. The law tells that the owner of the building must maintain the anchorages annually. The owner must test the strength of the anchorages every 10 years. He/she should never exceed the 10-year deadline.
  5. The testing, maintenance, and certification of the anchorages must be conducted by a skilled, experienced, and licensed person.

What If You Don’t Abide By The Law?

OSHA can visit your building anytime. They may give you a surprise visit. Moreover, they may demand a certificate of annual maintenance and rooftop anchor inspection report. If you fail to produce the required documents, then OSHA can fine you.

Usually, it can be a minimum $15,000 fine. But, if any accident happens because of your deliberate negligence, then OSHA can fine you a hefty amount.

What Should You Do To Follow The Law?

As a building owner, you must contact a professional and licensed inspector. You must contact the inspector for the annual inspection of the rooftop anchorages. Moreover, only a licensed, qualified, and experienced inspector can certify the safety of your rooftop anchorages (within every 10 years). Hence, contact a licensed inspector for legitimate rooftop anchor testing.

A licensed inspector would apply load testing to test the strength of the anchorages. Apart from that, the inspector may use various types of methods to test and inspect the anchorages.

International Window Cleaning Association and OSHA have strict rules. Rope Descent System should be always used with proper safety.

So, follow the OSHA law and contact a qualified and licensed inspector to test and certify your rooftop anchors.