What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use?

Professional window cleaners use two very important tools when washing windows. Weather it’s for your home or business, professionals use dish soap in water, and a squeegee to leave a streak free shiny window or mirror.

There is no need for ammonia or vinegar to get a window or mirror spot free. Simply use a good quality squeegee and you will get the results you are looking for!

Few people really think about cleaning their own windows becasue it's quite the job, and it can be very frustrating if you do not know how to do it properly.

Most people consider hiring professionals to wash their windows for them. This will save time, get your job done right, and most importantly keep you from injuries like falling off a ladder.

If you wish to try DYI window washing, then here are some valuable recommendations from a professional:

First and foremost.  If you will be cleaning any windows that require a ladder, then please spend a few minutes to watch a video on ladder safety, and a few minutes going over the safety of your ladder.  Ladders can be unsafe if they are bent, broken, or not up to manufactures specifications.  I personally know a customer of ours who wanted to save $100 and not pay a window cleaner and did the job themselves.  Her husband fell off a ladder, broke his hip and had $40,000 of medical expenses.  All to save a hundred bucks!  PLEASE BE SAFE!

If you're confident you can wash your own windows, then go get a professional squeegee from The Home Depot, a bucket, some lint-free rags, and some dish soap.  Wet you windows generously and squeegee them off.  Take the lint-free rags and wipe the sides and cleanup and water mess you may have left.

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