Commercial Window Cleaners and What You Need to Know

Window Cleaning: What You Need To Know

Clean windows give the inhabitants of a building or a home a clear view of the outside world. The windows are also the first thing to be noticed by passersby. Clean windows look professional, and it improves the establishment’s look tenfold, or at least, better than dirty windows.

Cleaning windows is easy. All you need is a bucket and a soap solution and something to wipe it with. That’s how basic you can get with cleaning windows. In actuality, different types of windows call for different kinds of materials. If you have windows with massive glass panes, then squeegees are a must-have tool. There are other instruments needed in window cleaning.

What You Need:

Suppose you don’t run a window washing business, and you just want to tidy up your home. In that case, the following items are needed: soap, water, one wet cloth, and one dry cloth. The soap and water will be the cleaning solution. In addition, you will need a separate container for clean water to rinse the windows after. The wet cloth is used to wipe down the windows with the solution, while the dry cloth is used to remove water after rinsing the windows.

You may need other items like scrapers, commercial window cleaners, and arm-length squeegees to make washing faster for commercial buildings. Using rags work too, but it will cost you time to finish cleaning big windows.

What To Consider Before Starting To Clean Windows

Best window washing company

Best window washing company

There are minor considerations before cleaning windows. The very first thing you should ask yourself “does my window look dirty enough to warrant cleaning. If your answer is unsure or yes, then proceed to clean.

It’s also easier to clean windows with a soap solution if the window surface is wet. However, if you apply a soap solution to a dry and hot window, you’re left with soap streaks. This can possibly worsen the look of the windows rather than improving them.

And about hot windows, you should wait for them to cool down before spraying them with water. If the water is extremely cold (ice cold), the temperature difference might cause pressure changes inside the glass structure, causing them to crack and break. You don’t want glass shards in your face when cleaning windows. Do not clean windows that have been exposed to heat for a long time.

Other Alternative: Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

While it may be good to start cleaning your own windows, the same cannot be said for business owners or building managers. The sheer number of windows in big establishments will take up too much time cleaning. To even finish a proper window cleaning, you’d need more than a day if the person cleaning is equipped with a rag and a soap solution.

That’s why there are small companies dedicated to window cleaning. They have the expertise, the correct methods in cleaning windows, the right equipment, and the required manpower to clean windows.