What Does Window Cleaning Include?

You have noticed that your windows need cleaning. It has been a long time since you have had them cleaned. What does window cleaning include? This article will help you to understand what is needed for keeping your windows clean and beautiful.

Window Washing Bucket and Solution

Window Washing Bucket and Solution

The Window Cleaning Process

You will want to remove and mark all of the screens. Clean both sides of the screens before placing them to the side. Also clean both sides of the windows by washing them with a cleaning solution that can be found in stores. You must also wash the window tracks and sills. Finally, place the cleaned screens back into place,

This is the most basic way to do a window cleaning. Once you see your clean brighter windows, it will make you smile. Keep in mind that window cleaning should be done regularly to make sure your windows shine as they should. You may also want to speak with a professional about any other questions you may have.