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We have been cleaning windows in Flagstaff since 1999.  We provide residential and commercial window washing services.
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Flagstaff Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is often underrated, but is one of the most important aspects of the home or commercial building where cleaning is concerned. Finding an Austin window cleaning company can be tedious considering the number of companies available. It is important to choose the best when it comes to cleanliness of windows either at home or at the office. Windows prevent dust and other particles coming into the house, and act as control for the lighting. They affect the view outside and the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. Our window cleaning company will offer the best in terms of service and support for all window cleaning needs.

Why we are best window cleaning company

Every company worth its salt, especially in the service sector, must be adequately insured. Window cleaning might seem straightforward, but it is a high risk job. Any accidents and the chances of the homeowner being held liable for injuries and negligence increase. When choosing an Austin window cleaning company, make sure they have all the necessary permits and are properly insured. Insurance is expensive, and companies that take insurance seriously show their credibility and commitment to high quality service. Our company has full liability insurance for all employees and covers the homeowner in case of accidents.

Our Flagstaff window cleaning company considers industry experience as one of its strong points. When evaluating experience, many clients ask how long the company and its owner have been in the business. There is no formal education required to be a professional window cleaner, and where formal papers do not count, experience remains the next best thing. A company that has been in the industry for long shows the customer that it understands the risks involved in the trade and how to do a professional job without damaging the house. In addition, our experience shows through customer testimonials, photos of previous jobs and the self-assurance of employees on the job.
Price is another metric through which employees evaluate Flagstaff window cleaning companies. Everyone wants to save, so obviously most people will naturally go for the cheapest offers. However, cheap is not always the best option. Companies will offer different prices, but one can rest assured that the prices offered at our company will be competitive and realistic. We also offer competitive deals to regular customers.
Our company takes every aspect of the job seriously. Window cleaning is not just about the panes, but about customer satisfaction. Our company cleaners go out of their way to do a good job for you; paying attention to such minute details as the frames.
When dealing with our team of experts, one will be assured of the following

  • Free Quotes: Our company representatives do not just turn up on the day the cleaning is scheduled. The company offers free site surveys, visiting the house, office or home to get an idea of the extent of the job and what is required of them.
  • Quality equipment: The company representatives will always utilize state-of-the-art cleaning equipment in every job to maintain quality and consistency; using such equipment as ladders and cherry pickers can be difficult, and requires a specialist. The company is therefore committed to constantly training its staff on equipment use and safety, of themselves, the windows and house, and of the surrounding.
  • Commitment to safety: The window cleaning industry, just like any other service provision industry, is governed by rules and regulations, many of which touch on the subject of safety. Our company is one of the leading Austin window cleaning companies in terms of commitment to safety rules and regulations. Our company conducts risk assessment for every job, and has all participants in the job fully insured.
  • Trained Technicians: Our Company takes pride in accountability and building of trust for every job taken. The company considers every window cleaning job as a chance to demonstrate its quality and ability. As a result, the firm always makes sure to use only its own employees every step of the way. Customers can rest assured that every job will receive the same seriousness and commitment to consistency for which the company is known.

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We take great pride in servicing our existing customers, but we always do our BEST to schedule most jobs within 5 business days.  Sometimes we can come the very next day, simply depending on your location and how our current schedules are at the moment.

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This is asked quite often, and there is not a set answer.  We try to price per pane of glass for residential homes, but for commercial buildings there are far more factors.  If you click on our scheduling page, you can see our pricing.


We service most of the Denver area + Boulder, Golden, and some other surrounding cities.

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Yes! These are some of our favorite jobs to work on.  We can set your high rise build up for regular cleanings throughout the year, or a simple one-time window cleaning service.


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