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Gutter Cleaning Information

The Best Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter cleaning is a very important procedure that ensures that your home remains a safe place for your family. If you have stayed for a while without cleaning them, it is time to do it now. You can always contact us for the best professional gutter cleaning or you can opt to do it yourself, however, this is a procedure that requires you to have some skills and also observe some safety measures in order to have the best results. To help you in the process, here are a few gutter cleaning tips you should follow.

The Best Professional Gutter Cleaning

Use a Garden Hose

You should use a garden horse that has a pistol grip trigger spray nozzle, so that you are able to adjust water pressure with one of your hands. It will be easier for you to hang the hose over the front edge of your gutter as you move the ladder.

Wear Eye and Hand Protection

It is good to note that there might be some jagged screws, rough edges and sharp debris around and in the gutters. This is why it is important to wear heavy duty gloves in order to protect. As you do the cleaning, it can be very easy for debris to harm and even spoil your eyes. Make sure your wear safety goggles or glasses while on the roof doing the cleaning.

Use Caution on Your Ladder

Anytime you climb your ladder as you do the gutter cleaning you have to be safety conscious. You should make sure that you inspect your ladder and ensure that it has a stable base. It is advisable to have someone to hold the ladder as you climb and stand.

Wear Shoes With Rubber Soles

Of course after rain, things will be slippery and wet. Your roof, ladder and gutter will also be wet, so you have to take great care. Shoes with rubber sole have good grip to keep you safe as you do the cleaning.

Make Sure You Unclog the Downspouts

After you have finished cleaning your gutters, you need to run down the water hose down the downspout at maximum pressure to clear all of them.