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Keep Your Windows Clean & Safe

Clean, shiny windows that can be admired by anyone passing by your house or apartment from the street. Nice curtains and drapes will also make a huge difference in this regard, while also adding more to the aesthetics of your home. But do you think keeping your windows sparkling clean and the curtains washed and ironed is pretty much all that you have to do when it comes to windows? Think again! Your windows could very well turn into the main access paths for potential intruders interested in burglarizing your property at night. A window that has been left open or unlocked will constitute an easy way into your home for a skilled burglar who does not even have to be that athletic. So next time you look at your windows purely from an aesthetics’ pint of view, or as a means of letting the natural light come in, try to add “security” to the list.

Glass Windows Are The Weakest Point Of Entry

By cleverly strengthening security on your windows, you will create a more powerful deterrent against potential burglars who might not be willing to put in the extra work to try to get in.

  • reinforce the glass using secure materials such as tempered glass. This is a much more durable alternative to traditional glass and it is a lot more difficult to break. You can also opt for laminated or safety glass; it consists of a layer of vinyl that is placed between two sheets of regular glass. Burglars need to strike repeatedly in the dame spot in order to break through it; and this automatically means creating a lot of noise that will draw all the attention on them.

  • Another option is represented by mesh glass that is resistant to bullets. These products are pricey, so budget accordingly when going shopping.

  • A type of glass that is equally thick as the classic glass, but ten times stronger is Plexiglass. Moreover, polycarbonate windows make for one of the safest options in terms of glass for windows. Since they are 250 times more resistant to impact compared to safety glass, it is easy to see why.

Opt For The Best Types Of Locks For Your Windows

  • Opt for advanced deadbolts for windows, or choose any other type of window lock suitable for your particular needs.

  • Opt for a hefty window lock that is visible from the outside and you will make an even greater impact on potential burglars and their plans to sneak in. Window pin locks are excellent burglar deterrents, and the same goes for vinyl window locks.

  • Talk to a trained and experienced locksmith for homes and ask about their options in terms of window locks and let the have them properly installed for you. You might try a DIY project, but chances are you will not do an equally good job compared to a locksmith whose job is to install window locks all day long. Take a look at a few basic flat rates for locksmithing services here and start working on your budget. Contrary to the popular belief, a locksmith does not have to cost an arm and a leg.