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Landscape Lighting Installation and Design Company Dallas TX

Dallas, TX- The outdoor space is one of the distinct features of a home. If you want to add beauty and curb appeal to your yard, landscape lighting can be an incredible expansion of your property. It adds a magical view to the landscape and enhances the overall outdoor lighting design. Not to mention, it highlights your home’s architectural features and pays attention to prized plantings.

Through skill, design, and thorough planning, a landscape lighting installation and design company can transform your space. These professionals will orchestrate the outdoor lighting fixtures to set the mood that you want.

Best Landscape Lighting Company Dallas TX

Solar landscape lighting

If you’re looking for an easy way to brighten your home, you can’t go wrong with solar landscape lighting. With professional guidance, you can choose energy-efficient designs that take the hassle outside your yard.

Landscape and backyard solar lighting comes in many forms – from small walkway lights to strands of bulbs. But one thing they share is a small solar panel.

Besides brightening outdoor living spaces, landscape lighting illuminates the pathways, improves home security, and compliments the overall landscaping. There’s also an added benefit of reducing utility costs. Although the savings may seem minimal, they can add up with time. And considering that the fixtures and batteries can last for a couple of years, you can recoup the initial investment.

Solar lighting will keep the pathway well lit. The engineers can design appropriate configurations to ensure the system meets your lighting needs. When choosing the best solar lighting, you should ask yourself a couple of questions:

What style of solar lighting interests you most?

Whether you want to mount the lights on a pole or at waist level, there are lots of options to choose from. The technicians will guide you on the best options to suit your situation.

What kind of weather are the lights exposed to?

The best brands of solar landscape lighting are made with some level of heat and water resistance. Generally, the lighting fixtures to use will depend on whether the area receives regular downfalls, frost, extreme heat, or moderate rain.

A professional team will help create a solution that beautifully illuminates your outdoor space without distracting your nighttime view.

Uplighting and landscape lighting design company Dallas TX

Bistro Lighting

We all love sitting on a patio with a string of lights above us. Bistro lighting creates a strong ambient light to bring the feeling of the occasion. Whether you want a simple quiet evening for your family or a space to host a barbecue, bistro lights can provide the perfect moment outdoors. And you can add dimmers to spice the mood.

Another reason for adding bistro lights is the functionality they come with. Once the sun goes down, you don’t have to move indoors. By adding simple lighting, you get extra hours to relax at the deck or patio. And because they create a peaceful environment, you can go out and enjoy the perfect summer night.

The best part of bistro lights is that you have a variety of color options to choose from. This is where you let your individuality shine through. If you have a special event or the mood changes, you can change the bulbs to keep the space interesting.

When you work with a professional, it’s easier to choose the designs to bring out a mesmerizing glow on your patio. This is what you need to brighten up the outside of your home and create dramatic visuals. The designers are ready to set up demo lights so you can see your property in full potential. They also offer nighttime demonstrations to make sure you’re satisfied before installation. It’s time you maximize your visual nighttime enjoyment.

Landscape lighting design

The design of your landscape will depend on how you intend to use your outdoor space. When driving around Dallas, your see beautiful yards everywhere you go! Do you want your kids to play on the lawn after dusk? Or do you simply need lighting for pathways patios or decks? The best landscape lighting installation and design company can help with:


If you’re thinking about how well to use your space, there are some design considerations to keep in mind. The lights will not only provide a gorgeous view but also enhance your safety as you walk along the pathway. Keep in mind that the design elements you use will determine the function of the layout.

Focal points

What are the elements to draw your attention? Maybe there’s some green foliage or a hemlock tree that makes a great focal point. The experts will determine how to bring out the best shadow effect. Don’t let the hard work disappear at nightfall.

View from the windows

You can capture the scene from every window – the design should integrate the lighting with the landscape.

Ambient vs. spotlighting

Spotlighting draws attention to a particular feature, while ambient lighting focuses on an entire area. An expert will advise whether to use broad or focused beams to light the area.

Lighting design strategies

The way your landscape lighting looks will determine the enjoyment of your property.

Backyard and Landscape Downlighting for Trees Options

It involves aiming the light from a tree to create illumination over a large area. Who wouldn’t like that? This design creates a romantic space where you can have great conversations. It’s great for highlighting the paths and flower beds. The downlight should be positioned close to the ground.

Here's a video showing how to install tree lights in your backyard:

Backyard and Landscape Uplighting Options

If you want bold shadows and strong effects, you can aim the lights upwards, also known as uplighting. This could be an architectural feature or a tree. Alternatively, you can position the light to a smooth bark, wood shingles, an interesting door, or a masonry wall. Another design is to light the object from the front and on a vertical surface.

Cross lighting

Experts also use cross lighting to light a focal point. You can light the entire canopy of a tree this way.


It involves concealing the lights below or behind the trees to bring a wondrous effect.

Accent or spotlighting

A beam of light is used to highlight the focal points – scrubs, flowers, and statutory.

Diffused lighting

The lights cover a large area with low illumination. Some units like bollards cast the light softly for decks, patios, and driveways.

Sidewalk lighting and backyard lighting company near me Dallas TX

Benefits of outdoor lighting

1) To improve safety

Outdoor lighting improves navigation around your home. With proper arrangement, you’ll avoid tipping over steps and pathways.

2) Improves home security

A well-lit landscape will provide extra security from unwanted guests. Not to mention, the installers will illuminate your home without those annoying glares that disturb your neighbors.

3) Decoration

Landscape lighting makes your house stand out from the rest. A professional can help you determine the right fixtures for your home.

4) Entertainment

Once you install landscape lighting, you can host your family and friends at night.

The crew delivers creative and friendly design services in residential and commercial areas. They are armed with a reservoir of knowledge to meet and exceed client expectations. And regardless of the size of the project, we start by analyzing the lighting specifications. The team is flexible, understanding, reliable, and hard-working.

Beautiful Landscape Lighting Company Dallas TX

Hiring and Finding The Best Landscape Lighting Installers

The best landscape lighting installers will work with you to ensure you have stunning illumination in your yard. The team will listen to your goals for property lighting and then craft something that meets your needs. They can even set a few lights on your property to see how they work. The process involves the following:

1) Initial meeting

The team will look at the scope of the project. It’s where we set the budget and discuss the material options. If the inspiration came from a neighbor’s house or something you saw in the magazine, the crew can sketch a rough project for you.

2) Design and proposal

Our landscape designer will ensure the process is interactive and give a few photos of the past projects. If it’s a large project, you may have to meet severally to finalize the layouts. Then, you’ll get a proposal for the project.

3) Installation

Now that everything is intact, it’s time to order the materials and plan on the installation schedule. First, everything should be assembled off-site before the job starts. Typically, the fixtures come boxed up with a few nuts.

4) Lay the lights

Now that the landscaper is ready to install the lighting, the fixtures and wires should be laid out. The crew should be in agreement – this ensures a smooth process.

5) Scope out runs

The technician will evaluate the number of wires the lights require to perform at optimal levels. A transformer is needed to control multiple runs.

6) Testing

This helps to catch problems early by ensuring the wiring is good. If the installation is done during the day, a laser fixture is used to anticipate where the lights will shine at night.

Why hire a professional Lighting design team?

There’s a lot of work involved when installing landscape lighting. You must consider the design, long-term function, and safety. While going the DIY route can save you some bucks, the aggravation involved is not worth it. A professional knows the best materials to use and how to design a system with care. You also get some recourse when things go wrong.

When it comes to installing outdoor lighting, you should work with a reliable landscape lighting installation and design company. The service crews will add a layer of beauty to enhance your home’s landscape. No matter your lighting needs, they will deliver installations that will impress every time the sun goes down. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful team to schedule your consultation.

Here is a quick video that lays out how to DIY backyard landscape lighting at your home:

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