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Professional Window Cleaning Franchise - Professional Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning Franchise

Professional Window Cleaning Franchise

We are Professional Window Cleaning. (PWC)

We were formed in 1999 by David Kaminski in Phoenix, Arizona.

David Kaminski studied business and Computer Information Systems (CIS) at Northern Arizona University From 1993 – 1995.

After opening for business in July, 1999, Professional Window Cleaning quickly grew with the winning award of the Sky Harbor International Airport window cleaning contract.

PWC also grew exponentially with many homes and other businesses in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

In 2004 David purchased Pine Country Window Cleaning in Flagstaff, AZ from his long-time friend Steve Mullineaux to expand into Northern Arizona.  A few years passed by and then David decided to start Sedona Window Cleaning in Sedona, AZ.

As of 2015, the word in Arizona had spread that PWC has been completing large commercial and high-rise window cleaning jobs with a lot of praise from our customers.  We’ve received so much praise that we started traveling to Tucson, AZ to clean high rise buildings and other commercial projects in the Tucson area.

Now, it’s 2016, and Professional Window Cleaning is spreading quickly into many Colorado cities and towns.  We have our sites on California and Texas as the logical next areas to grow into.

Why Buy a Professional Window Cleaning Franchise?

Buying a window cleaning franchise is a decision that a lot of research should be put into.

There are not too many options for window cleaning franchises in The United States.  As a mater of fact, there are only two other options beside us.


FISH WINDOW CLEANING: FISH is no-doubt a great franchise, but you will pay an arm and a leg for.


  • National contracts with a lit of smaller strip mall or mall stores and retailers to get you started
  • Systems and procedures to guarantee success
  • Hands-on training that will teach you all you need to know about window cleaning and the business of window cleaning
  • Ad Royalty Fee 1% – They cover your marketing expenses


  • Highest cost per franchise
  • Best markets are ALREADY taken
  • High franchise cost (Royalty Fee) – 6-8%
  • Initial Investment:$78,225 – $139,700
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $31,000 – $54,000
  • Liquid cash requirement: $60,000 – $120,000

This will leave you with smaller rural areas to choose from and your ROI will take much longer to recoup than in a large city.



  • A Lot of availability for US Markets – Large cities can still be claimed
  • Squeegee Squad offers financing for franchise fee
  • Systems and procedures to guarantee success
  • Hands-on training that will teach you all you need to know about window cleaning and the business of window cleaning
  • Franchise Fee is $18,900


  • Very little Internet presence or online marketing
  • Ad royalty 1% – for very little marketing they do
  • Liquid Cash Required: $32,900 – $122,360
  • Small Company so trust has not been built, and their national presence has not been built yet

Squeegee Squad does not rank their franchisees’ websites on page one of the Google Search Engine Results, making search engine traffic for their franchise owners nearly impossible.

Professional Window Cleaning Franchise


  • In Business Since 1999
  • Nearly all markets are available as of 2016
  • Professional Window Cleaning offers financing for franchise fees
  • Systems and procedures to guarantee consistent growth
  • 2-4 weeks of FULL window cleaning training;  From residential window cleaning to high-rise window cleaning
  • Amazing Internet and Website presence in your market
  • 0% Advertising Royalty
  • Franchise fee $22,250 – $32,500
  • Liquid Cash Required: $30,000 +


  • No National track record
  • No National contracts
  • No National trust build yet

Professional Window Cleaning is owned and run by David Kaminski who has mastered online search marketing and search engine rankings.  We make certain that all our franchise owners websites are visible on the FIRST page of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

Our business continues to grow exponentially as we are found in the search maps and the search engines when customers are looking for us!

Start your franchise with us and your business achievements will be limitless!



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