Professional Window Cleaning Takes Safety Very Serious.

You can view / download our safety plan we have in place for our company.

Some of our safety points are:

  1. We have mandatory safety meetings every Monday and every Friday morning before any employee is allowed to go clean a window.
  2. Each employee attending the meeting is documented.
  3. Before any commercial window cleaning project, we fill out a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) of the job site.  Our on-site supervisor conducts the Safety Analysis of the job site and discusses any potential safety hazards for our workers, or customers, or pedestrians at the job site and how we will prevent any injuries from occurring.
  4. Our company will fire any one of our employees who walk within 6 feet from any leading edge without being properly secured to an anchor with proper fall protection.  Our employees are very aware this is our company policy.  We will not tolerate or allow any employee to not follow fall protection procedures while working for Professional Window Cleaning.

Professional Window Cleaning Safety Plan: