Frequently Asked Questions When Renting Our Equipment


Q; How small is this lift?

A: You can download the specifications by clicking here.

Q: Will it fit through a double door?

A: Yes, but the unit is fairly long, so make sure there is at least 28ft of room before and after entering the doorway to maneuver the unit.

Q: Is there a deposit taken for the rental?

A: Yes, there is a 25% deposit taken in addition to the rental fee.  When the unit is returned undamaged, the 25% will be refunded.

Q: If I have a rental damage coverage with my insurance company, do I still need to pay the 25% deposit?

A: No, you do not as long as we have a certificate of insurance with our company listed as additional insured.

Q: Is this gas or electric powered?

A: It is electric.  It is highly recommended to keep it plugged in at all times you are using it.  The batteries are made to last several hours, but keeping it plugged in eliminates loss of power.

Q: Is there electric power in the basket?

A: Yes.

Q: I’m a painter.  If I return this with paint on it will I be charged?

A: The equipment needs to be returned the same way it was given.  If there is paint on our equipment, you will be charged to remove it.

Q: Will this lift drive off sidewalks or driveways?

A: No, This lift is meant to be driven on sidewalks, parking lots, inside buildings with tile, or cement floors.  It is too heavy and will tip if you attempt to drive it on unstable ground.  It can be driven on dirt that is mostly level and hard, but soft ground will give away.

Q: What is the minimum time to rent this?

A: 1 day.  We do not rent by the hour.

Q: Can I pickup the lift myself and not pay for delivery?

A: Yes, but we require you are certified before renting this equipment, so be sure to sign up to be a certified operator.

Q: Where is your office located?

Our office location is:

1835 E 6th Street, Ste 11, Tempe, AZ 85281

Contact us today to schedule or to speak with one of our high-access specialists. Protection Status