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Scottsdale Window Cleaning & Equipment Needed to Clean Windows

For a professional window cleaning service, specialized equipment is a must. The window cleaning equipment needed to clean windows not only works to provide good results. It’s also used to keep workers safe during the job. What exactly do they need? These are the tools required to do the job well and safely


Most people have seen squeegees and they play an essential role in leaving windows looking great. For commercial uses, the squeegees used are fairly large and can be used for large windows or glass walls. After the window has been cleaned, the squeegee is then used to remove the water, leaving it looking great and free of streaks.


Since the commercial environment usually has window cleaners working from at least the second floor, specialized equipment is needed. For small and even medium-sized buildings, a good ladder is needed. Most industrial ladders can be used to reach the second or third floors of a building. In addition to a good ladder, some workers may need safety harnesses. These will keep them anchored if reaching off the ladder and keep them safe on the job.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Cleaning outside windows with squeegees and washers may not always be the safest which is why some companies may choose to use pure water cleaning. This system is a combination of pure water filters and lightweight water fed poles. Although dimensions can vary, these are often used to reach up to five stories while workers stay safely on the ground.

The pure water is simply tap water that has naturally occurring minerals removed. The minerals are removed from the water supply using a process of deionization or filters. When this happens, the water will dry spot-free and leave the surfaces looking great without needing chemical additives.

Pairing a pure water with a water-fed pole is a safer and more effective method to clean exterior windows. These poles are light and easy to control thanks to their rigidity. The top of the pole will feature a brush head that also has a jet present to let out a supply of pure water. The water travels up the pole through a thin hose to reach the brush. By agitating the dirt on the glass and the window frames, the window is easily cleaned from the ground. Pure water acts like a lubricant to break up the dirt’s bond with the glass. After the glass has been cleaned, it’s rinsed using a pure water rinse. Leaving behind no residue, this is an innovative system that’s great for workers and provides good results.

Clean Windows Safely

Although not all window cleaning companies are using pure water systems, this is the equipment that’s typically used for commercial glass cleaning. Companies today either use this system or ladders to reach higher windows on a building. The good news is that with an innovative pure water cleaning system, workers stay safe. This cleaning system also works great for cleaning building facades and solar panels. It’s an efficient system that can speed up the cleaning process and provides great results.

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