High rise window cleaning is a crucial preventative maintenance measure aimed to protect windows from deteriorating. High rise window cleaning services uses highly specialized equipment to assist the professional cleaners access the tall building’s windows and clean them perfectly. These cleaners are usually highly trained in proper techniques and methods that are involved in this sophisticated task.

High Rise Window Cleaning

The traditional method of washing and cleaning windows is inapplicable to high rise buildings because the windows are extremely inaccessible. Working on the windows from outside demands going up by use of special tools and this task is extremely unsafe. Only the knowledgeable experts backed with vast experience can perfectly handle the incredible task thanks to their specialized skills and striking body movement abilities.

High rise window cleaning must be done under the strict safety standards set by OSHA. While ensuring that the window cleaners don’t fall while doing their job, the safety of the property and the people on the ground below must also be maintained at the highest level possible. To reduce the risk of damage and injury to the property and people below, each piece of equipment used in the cleaning process is attached to the cleaners. This means if the tools were to slip out of the cleaner’s hands, they won’t by any chance fall on the ground below.

Skyscraper window cleaning services are aimed to clean the windows of universities, shopping malls, condominiums, and hotels. High rise window cleaners employ unique products that entirely removes salt residue, hard water stains, pollen, and dust. The special products used by these cleaners can’t leave soapy residue or streaks on the windows.

A majority of high rise window cleaning services are done about twice per year on existing buildings. Remolded or newly constructed buildings need to be cleaned about four times during their first year of existence and thereafter twice a year. The sealant material used in remolded or newly constructed windows can run and cause stubborn stains that may get etched into the window glass and become seriously hard if not impossible to remove.

Thorough washing and cleaning of high rise windows makes the property’s architectural glass free from dirt and dust. Dirty, sticky, and dull glass windows leaves your windows terribly unclear sending out an ugly impression. Keeping in mind that glass is fundamentally used for structural, lighting, and enhancing purposes, regular cleaning of this glass proves absolutely essential as it enables you experience the fullness of a clear view.

Perfectly cleaned skyscraper windows undoubtedly gives your building a fantastic view to behold. It truly offers an aesthetic natural beauty beneficial and attractive to both your visitors and employees.

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