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The Best Way to Clean Windows With a Squeegee

A squeegee is the best window washing sollution

The best way to clean windows with a squeegee

To have success in cleaning of windows using a squeegee you must first acquire good a squeegee. Your squeegee must be kept fit with a sharp, newly acquired rubber blade.  In the washing process you must have a large bucket to accommodate the squeegee and washer.  In addition to a 12inch squeegee you will require a scrubber, a hand dish-washing liquid and a rag or an old piece of towel that is lent-free.

Depending on the position and the location of the windows you may require some additional equipment other that we have mentioned above.  A pole can also be required for certain windows but it can be limited for story buildings so a ladder can come in as a result of this.  A tool belt can be required in some case to support the side for easy accessibility of the rag and scrapper.

Best Way to Clean a Window

How to clean once everything is in order.

  1. Fill the bucket with half full of cold water or slightly warm water.  Spill a hand full of washing liquid or detergent according to what is available or you can apply the dish detergent onto the wet washer.
  2. Rub the washer or wet mop onto the glass window.Make sure you do it well enough to remove the dirt off.After that scrape any marks off with the scrapper.A warning you should pass the blade in the forward movement only to avoid bringing back dirt.
  3. Now use the squeegee while holding the handle in your right hand make sure your thumb is half way between the top and side.Make sure you put it on the glass with an angle of about 45 degrees inclined,while you are doing this apply the correct amount of pressure.It is really simple once you are doing it you will notice that.
  4. After doing all that you can clean off all the water on the glass with the squeegee.Starting from the top left all the way down and don’t forgot the edges.This is very easy anybody can do it .
  5. At this stage the rag comes into use.Use the rag to dry the edges and use it while it is stiff dry.Using rag wipe any split water on the window and the floor.
  6. This is the last stage where you check for any marks that did not come off.In case of any marking use a small part of the rag to rub it off.

Wow, I think your window will be done and looking amazing and clean!

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