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Window Cleaning 85253

Professional Window Cleaning in Paradise Valley, AZ 480-839-1707

Why We are The Preferred Window Washing Company

We have been cleaning windows in Paradise Valley for over 21 years.  We have a team of over 30 window cleaners who are passionate, highly skilled, and truly enjoy providing excellent customer service and results.

Our owner, David Kaminski, started this company many years ago and has surrounded himself with some of the most pleasant people in the business.

If you do not feel like inviting our technicians over for Thanksgiving dinner after spending some time with them, then feel free to ask for your money back! REALLY!

Are your home window is in dire need of a window cleaning company? We offer both residential and commercial services.

There is no doubt about the fact that in this town there are several companies offering window cleaning service but there is a reason that will make you choose us. This task is not a service that can be handled by anyone because windows are delicate and furthermore you may not reach them when they are positioned high from the ground. Here are the main reasons you should choose our professional company.

While hiring professionals, you will have to choose the one with industry knowledge, experience, and a good reputation. If you are looking for an excellent service, please consider hiring Professional Window Cleaning. We are highly skilled, experienced, and well-equipped. We can transform the look and feel of your residential windows without any worries or headaches. We are well-trained to wash all types of windows.

What Makes Us Worth Spending Your Money?

We are capable to meet all the cleaning needs. We understand different window materials and design the cleaning method accordingly. We can clean small or large homes and we will make them look fresh and new!  Our cleaning methods are always safe and effective.

Window Cleaning 85253


Windows are fragile and a simple mistake can bring it down. Your windows are expensive and letting anyone clean it can cause a breakage without any compensation. Our team has what it takes to handle any type of window and with an assurance of causing no damage. Our window washing team will never cause any damage to your house but all we shall leave behind is a window that is sparkling like never before.


We have been servicing clients in this town for many years and none of them has turned to the services of another company. Our window cleaning techs are not just randomly picked.  We drug test, background test, and they should undergo thorough training so as to equip them with expert knowledge. Before we send them to your site, we shall be sure of their distinct skills only found with our team.

Special Equipment

There is some window washing company that will try to use shortcuts when offering their service. For example, instead of using special ladders to reach high walls, they attach long handles to their cleaning sticks. That is never the case with us and that is why we will use top of the range cleaning equipment to clean all your windows hassle-free and in a professional way.

100% Natural

We are ambassadors of a greener environment and that is why all the window cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly. We don’t want to leave behind hazardous chemicals when we are doing the job or after leaving. There is nothing like an inconvenience when we are carrying out the job and the products we use can be recycled.

Quick Response & Scheduling

You can always reach our window cleaning team any time you want and it doesn’t have to be just during the days but weekends and nights too.

Call us today and restore the looks of your windows!