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Window Cleaning Scottsdale

Window Cleaning Scottsdale 480-485-6922

We have been washing windows in Scottsdale since 1999. It is our passion and hard work that will make your home or business look like new by the time we finish cleaning your Scottsdale home or business windows.

We have a friendly staff who is thoroughly trained how to clean windows in large custom homes, homes with white carpet, homes with expensive painted walls, and homes with expensive drapery in front of the windows. We will treat you home as if it were our own home and we want our customers the feel as if we’ve exceeded your expectations!

Scottsdale Window Cleaning

Q: How many window cleaners do we typically send to your home or business?

A: Typically we have crews of 3 or more working together. If it is a large home or commercial job we may have as many as 6.

Q: I’ve got errands to run and things to do. Do I need to wait all day to get my windows cleaned?

A: No. We send several highly trained window technicians to your home so we can be in and out quickly. This way you can get on with your day.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Cash, Check, Credit Card payments are all accepted.

Q: How soon can you schedule my window cleaning?

A: Typically the very next day! Yes, this is very much true. We have a large staff and we want our customers to know they are important to us.

Q: How can I get a FREE Estimate or SCHEDULE A SERVICE?

A: Call us, or click the link here to schedule one online.