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Window Cleaning Tips

Best Window Washing Tips

Windows can be cleaned using a wide variety of methods, techniques and tools depending on the situation in question. More often than not, however, they can cause all manner of complications, with many an individual attesting to the myriads of hours they will spend wiping and scrubbing windows that never seem to gleam and shine as expected, some window cleaning tips that are bound to prove useful including the following:

  • It is essential that one get the order right when cleaning windows; and the top to bottom approach is always best. Trying to clean windows from the bottom up means encountering complications with the constantly dripping liquids. Because the liquids in question, whether it is water or cleanser continuously run downward, attempting to do the wiping before these liquids dry tends to result in unsightly streaks.
  • A lot of noise is often made about utilizing the right type of cleaner when dealing with windows; however for those that are unwilling to spend heavily on these commercial products, there are several alternatives that might prove to be just as effective, the most common being white vinegar. Whether you use it at full strength or dilute in before cleaning, white vinegar will often prove more effective in producing spotless windows free of streaks than most other commercial cleaners.
  • No matter what you think of your ability to make do with the items around your home, most people would advise that you, at the very least, invest in a squeegee. Not only is this tool inexpensive and easy to find but squeegees simplify the window washing experience, making it so much more efficient.
  • When it comes to battling irritating smears and streaks, newspapers are a far more powerful cleaning tool that any rag or towel. Newspapers are lint free and cheap. They also reduce the risk of streaks appearing after cleaning, leaving one’s windows sparkling. The fact that they do not make one’s hands dirty is an added advantage. The process involves using a wet newspaper to wipe dirty glass before drying it off with dry newspapers.
  • Paper coffee filters are not only cheap but absorbent in nature; when dipped in cleaner, used to wipe and dry windows, they are not only lint free, availing brilliantly clean windows, but the risk of hands becoming stained by ink from newspapers is eliminated.
  • Blackboard erasers are fast become a popular item among window cleaners; after wiping, drying and polishing one’s windows, a clean dry eraser is one of the most effective tools of removing streaks, producing a bright shine in glass.
  • Do not attempt to clean your windows while the sun is shining directly upon the glass; this same advise applies in the case of warm dry winds. If the glass is allowed to warm considerably, the cleaner is going to dry before you can wipe the window. The result will be spots, streaks and large amounts of the dirt you were attempting to clean off in the first place. Wait for conditions that will avail you the time to properly wipe and dry the glass.

Professional Window Cleaners are careful and will not damage your windows, frames, or other other valuables near your glass.