Professional Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning

We are Professional Window Cleaning.  We are a Commercial, Residential and High Rise Window Washing Company that serves Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all of the Metro Valley.

We have been the preferred Professional Window Cleaners in The Valley since 1999.

Why We Are We The Preferred Window Washing Company?

Hiring a professional cleaning service company to handle your window cleaning and other related cleaning tasks will save you precious time and cost. But with so many companies competing for your attention, making a choice may become overwhelming. Here are some of the qualities that make us the most preferred window cleaning company.

Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

  1. License and Adequately Insurance

Our company is properly licensed and insured. In fact, we have both liability insurance and workers’ compensation allowance. Documents to back this up can be produced upon request. The truth is that most of the companies that offer extremely cheap window cleaning services do not carry this type of insurance and many are not even licensed by the appropriate authorities. We carry this type of insurance so we can protect you, our esteemed clients, and our precious employees.

Save Money on Window Cleaning

Save Money on Window Cleaning

  1. Wide Variety of Cleaning Services

In addition to professional window cleaning, we offer a wide variety of cleaning services. We are aware that you will need more than window or floor cleaning services to enjoy a spotless and hygienic environment in your home or office. That is why we are fully equipped with state-of-the art cleaning equipment and machines to give you a total cleaning solution that will enable you and your staff to be more productive. When you hire us, you don’t need to look for specialists to handle other aspects of your cleaning. We will handle everything for you.

  1. Flexible Cleaning Plans that Save Money

When you hire us to do your cleaning for you, you will enjoy significant time and cost savings. We are committed to cleaning your office or home for you in a way that accommodates your budget and timing. Instead of imposing a fixed schedule and cost for our services, we work with you, like a partner, to ensure that you enjoy excellent cleaning services at an affordable price, without exceeding your budgetary limits. Our clients love us because we can adapt our service schedule to meet their emergency cleaning needs. So when you have an urgent need for us to help you put your office in a spotless condition, you can call on us and we will meet your needs.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. We treasure our reputation and we are always ready to offer referrals on request. Since we started offering our cleaning service, we have built up a very good reputation with our esteemed clients. As we work for our clients, we ensure that they are totally satisfied. We handle all complaints promptly. We always have well trained, courteous, and intelligent customer service staff available to pick your calls during our regular working hours.

  1. Properly Trained Cleaning Staff

We employ the very best cleaning staff for all our services. They are well trained on the best cleaning practices. We also provide periodic training on occupational safety to ensure that they complete their tasks without any loss of life and property. Our employees pass through a strict screening process before we assign them to our clients. They are required to pass background checks and we also screen them for drug use.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Operations

    Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

    Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to carrying out our window cleaning and other services in the most Eco-friendly manner. We use only organic cleaning chemicals and solutions. All our waste is properly handled in a way that protects our environment for the next generation. So when you hire us to clean your home or office, you are also contributing to the preservation of our ecosystem.

  1. Full Service Guarantee

We provide a full service guarantee for our cleaning services. This is to ensure that our clients don’t pay for any service that does not meet their expectations.

Those are some of the reasons why our clients keep recommending us to other people. We are totally committed to providing the best window cleaning service in town. For more information about our cleaning services please call us now or send us a mail.

If you want to have your windows cleaned, always hire a window cleaning professional because they can clean the windows in the best way. The common window cleaners cannot do much to achieve the completely clean glass because in order to clean the windows they require special tool which they do not have. The window cleaning professional have the specific tools such as window wops which is been saturated with a concentrated solution of the window cleaning detergent. This process should be done repeatedly or with some pressure in order to achieve the desired result. After this, the solution should be removed from the windows with the help of special technique and high quality of squeegee to ensure there are no missed spots or streaks. Lastly, the corners and edges of the window frames should be wiped out to prevent any residual water from running down the windowpane or from forming drops. Then the whole process should be repeated on the other side of the windows. Sometimes special equipment like poles and ladders of different lengths are been used to clean the windows. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a window cleaning professional for cleaning your windows.

Expertise: The window cleaning professional who has several years of experience do the work proficiently by using all his knowledge. He knows different ways to deal with all types of windows that are of different size, shape, glass and material at utmost ease. The professional can perform the task efficiently by using his methodologies and skills.

Save Money: If you wish to learn how to clean the windows with a streak free appearance then you should observe and watch the professional cleaners cleaning the windows from the starting of the process till the end of it. If you are thinking to clean the windows by yourself then you will need to purchase various professional window cleaning equipment such as extension poles, ladders, static-free cloths, squeegees, special window cleaning solutions and many such costly things in order to clean the windows. So by hiring a professional cleaner you will be able to save lot of your money.

Save Effort: Windows as you know are very fragile and if you are cleaning it by yourself then you should always check it regularly to make sure it is not damaged in order to avoid any type of injury. The professional window cleaners can repair the broken or damaged windows and you will be able to save plenty of labor as the cleaners have package rates for this type of situation. Instead of hiring the service of a repairman to fix the window you should give the task to your window cleaner because he is able to fix this type of problem. By this way, you will have to deal with only one company which can give you multiple services at a low price.

Save Time: By cleaning windows by yourself precious time of your life is been wasted that you could use to do more important tasks. The window cleaning company provides you professional cleaner who are an expert in cleaning the windows in a professional manner and they can do the job far quicker than the owner of the home because they clean the windows almost every day.

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