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We are a Commercial, Residential and High Rise Window Washing Company that serves Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Michigan.

We have been in business since 1999, and we have been dedicated to becoming your local leader in the window washing industry.

We offer Residential, Commercial, High Rise, and Post Construction cleaning services for your home or business.

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Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Washing

Everybody appreciates clean residential windows because they increase the aesthetics of a home. However, before you decide to clean the windows yourself, you should consider hiring a professional residential window cleaning company. As a professional window cleaning company, we will not only save you time but also offer the best service and prices in town for all your glass cleaning needs. There are several reasons why you should hire our professional services.

Expertise and Professional Equipment 

High quality residential window cleaning requires professional equipment such as extension poles, squeegees, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and ladders, among others. When you hire our professional services, you don’t need to worry about acquiring the necessary equipment or creating space in your home to store them until your next cleaning task. Our team of window cleaners has the expertise and necessary equipment to clean different types of windows efficiently and quickly. Our residential cleaning services extend the lifespan of your windows and restore their brilliance.

To Save Time

Window cleaning is a time consuming task especially if are you unsure what you should do. If your home has numerous exterior and interior windows, be prepared to spend ample time cleaning them. However, you can hire our professional services and give yourself time to focus on other important things. As professionals, we have the personnel, equipment and expertise to keep your windows functional and sparkling in the shortest time possible.

Best Affordable Services

A professional window cleaner knows what techniques to use on different types of windows. Most homeowners become tired after spending hours cleaning their windows. Despite their efforts, they end up frustrated because they use the wrong cleaning techniques that don’t give the desired results. They also risk injuring their limbs during cleaning.

There is also the common problem of smudges and streaks on your windows. By hiring a professional residential window cleaning company, your windows will be smudge free and streak free. The windows will make your home more inviting because they will look bright, shiny and glamorous.

Other than cleaning your windows, we will also identify and inform you of any problems (such as non-functional windows, ill-fitting screens or damaged windows) that need correction. We also remove insects and fungus infestations at no extra cost. We offer the best services in town at affordable prices.

Our window cleaners are a team of experienced cleaners who are committed to providing high quality exterior and interior window cleaning services and an outstanding customer service.

Get The Best Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Town

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning in Phoenix

Many people charged with managing buildings may not think a lot about commercial window washing. However, this an important part of keeping a property at its best. If a professional appearance is important to you, then this service must be performed on regular basis by an expert.

Why Commercial Window Washing Is Important for All Businesses

Choosing an expert to maintain your glass on your building is vital because it will not only make it look great, it can also make a business environment much more productive. When a building is clean both inside and out, the morale, attendance and productivity can greatly increase. Apart from this, it enhances curb appeal.

When done in the right way, commercial window cleaning also introduces the maximum amount of natural sunlight. If you’re always working inside a building for long hours, then you know how much of a difference natural sunlight can make versus the artificial light. The fluorescent bulbs and other artificial light sources are important, but they can never substitute Mother Nature’s light, the sun. Basically, we all want to look outside without interruption from dirt, grime, or streaks of water.

Flawless Results

When you work with professionals it offers several benefits over relying on employees to take care of this extremely important job. A professional offers high quality work and it’s highly unlikely that an untrained person can do the same quality of work.

It takes years of training to provide the best results. Cleaning windows is not the type of job where you simply use some paper towels and detergent. You need more. Our experts have the equipment, products and the experience necessary to get this job done, and the results will be simply amazing.

Safety is another reason why you need commercial window washing services. When person doesn’t have the right equipment, then this job can be very risky. Our professionals know how to properly use protective equipment and we are licensed and insured. What’s more, we also use high quality products so that your property is not damaged by the many harmful airborne substances.

Another benefit of hiring professionals do to this job, is the fact that it allows for cleaning to go without interrupting the core business of your company or organization. We can schedule the cleaning exercise in the day, evening, weekends, or even during low-peak office hours when there is not much being done within the building.

Cost-Effective Services for your business

As with anything else, the choice between using an employee and a professional comes down to the total cost. Purchasing the right materials and equipment can cost you a lot, and there are several hidden costs, such as employee time. Our experts will get this job done in a fraction of time it would take a novice. This saves you time and money. Our prices are just the best in town.

Commercial window cleaners are an excellent way to increase efficiency and productivity around the office. No one can do his/her job properly around dirty windows. Dirty windows can also drive the customers away and cause health problems to the people around them. Putting your trust in us will save you lots of time and money and above all keep your employees healthy and productive.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Post construction window cleaning is of paramount importance in ensuring that your windows are in good condition after construction. This is important because clear and clean windows are healthy and allow light to penetrate the building. In addition to that, it improves the overall aesthetics of a building. Having said that, it is important that business owners seek the services of a professional cleaning company to execute windows cleaning tasks. There are many cleaning companies that offer window post construction cleaning products and services. Choosing the right company is not an easy task. Our company offers an excellent service in post construction window washing.

Post Construction Window Washing

Our company is well versed with the various issues affecting the construction industry as far as cleaning of windows is concerned. In this regard, our cleaning agency offers numerous unique glass cleaning services. To start with, the agency has employed a well trained team of professionals. There is a very big difference when the windows are cleaned by unskilled workers and cleaning by professionals. For example, a professional windows cleaner knows when or when not to use a windows scraper. Similarly, a professional will know which cleaning agent to use for what task

Second, our company gives you a thorough and comprehensive windows cleaning service. These include the cleaning of home and building exterior and interior windows. In addition to that, it includes cleaning excessive plaster, paint, mortar, mud, splashed concrete, and smeared silicone. The company recognizes that different people have different needs and preferences concerning your windows. In this light, we can offer tailor made services that are going to suit your individual requirements and special cases.

Third, the agency offers a rare combination of cost effective services with high quality windows cleaning. It should be noted that going for cost effective services may compromise the quality of services offered. This is not the case with us. On the contrary, we offer you high quality service and at the same time enable you save on cleaning costs.
Fourth, the company has laid a strong emphasis in investing in the latest and most effective windows cleaning equipment. In this regard, the company monitors the windows cleaning market in order to determine the most efficient windows cleaning equipment. By extension, there is sufficient logistics on transport to your site.

Lastly, our dedicated customer service is of great help in responding to questions or inquiries regarding its services. This will give you an opportunity to make initial assessment with our company and make a decision concerning engagement with us. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need our assistance.

There is no doubt whatsoever that you need a perfect job in post construction window cleaning. In this regard, your choice of the cleaning company could be the drawing line between well maintained and poorly maintained windows in your building. Our agency has the expertise and experience in cleaning of windows. It leaves your building with sparkling windows. Overall, our company offers you a unique service.



Here are some interesting facts about some of the cities we service…

Interesting Facts About Phoenix, AZ

One of the many unique cities Arizona has to offer is Phoenix, a large city with a number of suburbs, neighborhoods as well as urban villages. Phoenix, AZ, is one among the most popular tourist spots in America thanks to its favorable weather and its breathtaking scenery. By the time you get to this bustling city, you will want to know these interesting facts.

Phoenix is not only the largest city in Arizona in terms of population, it is one of the most populated of the 50 state capitals in the US. The newly released population data puts the city’s 2013 population at 1,513,367. The city’s high population growth boils down to three things: favorable weather, spectacular scenery and endless opportunities.


If you are considering moving to a city where you can build a successful career and settle down, Phoenix should be high on your list. Some of the country’s most satisfied professionals reside and work in this city. These professionals are content with their work-life balance, their professional relations with their employers as well as growth opportunities.


There is no shortage of recreational opportunities in Phoenix. With movie costs skyrocketing and weekend outings that seem to burn a hole in your pocket, the city boasts an array of pocket friendly activities that will suit your taste. Shopping, golfing, gourmet dining, horse riding and hiking are just some of the fun things to do in this vibrant city.


Weather is a major factor in relocating to Phoenix. The city and its surrounding areas are hot. The area is pleasant and warm in the spring and fall, and one may not even need a jacket during the cold months. In fact, it is estimated that some 400,000 “Snowbirds” flock to Arizona every winter, usually from October through April or May.

Phoenix is one of the country’s most toured cities. We hope these facts will help you plan an unforgettable excursion.

A few interesting facts about Scottsdale, AZ

Nestled in Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale, AZ is bordered by the beautiful McDowell Mountains to the east and Phoenix to the west. The city is annually rated among America’s most desirable city to do business, live in and visit. The history of Scottsdale is dotted with some twists and turns that have long been forgotten. We are going to give you a few interesting facts about Scottsdale, AZ.


In 1888, Chaplain Winfield Scott, a U.S. Army visited the area and was impressed with its potential. He bought 640 acres of land. Scott’s purchase, close to the heart of modern day Scottsdale, would be the drive for the growth of the city that carries his name to date. The city’s favorable climate, beautiful scenery, and irrigated desert location influenced its original settlement.

Scottsdale’s unemployment rate is 4.30%, with the job growth of 1.99%. Tourism is Scottsdale’s largest employer, offering jobs to more than 39 % of the city’s employees. Today, the city is home to over 60 world class hotels with a combined total of over 12,000 rooms. Big companies such as Motorola and GoDaddy are two of the firms that call Scottsdale home.


According to 2014 census results, the current Scottsdale’s population is about 219,867 and continues to grow in population. The city’s favorable weather, irrigated desert location as well as splendid scenery influenced its early settlement. Most of the city’s early settlers, recruited by Scott, were educated and appreciated cultural activities. These early settlers established schools and backed the growing artists and writers culture.


Scottsdale continues to rank as one of the country’s desirable place today. This is mainly because of its pleasant weather. As the rest of the country experiences cold, snowy conditions, the people here move outside for the finest weather of the year. If you are the kind of person who loves the outside world, then you are going to love this city.

A Few Interesting Facts about Tucson, AZ

Tucson is beckoning you to discover and enjoy without limits. With sunshine 364 days a year this is a good destination for holidays. Tucson has a cocktail of things to do ranging from in door to outdoor activities. Once you here, hiking is part of you. Put on the shorts and pick your glasses and enjoy the mountains around. The city is surrounded by mountains rising up to 6000ft. There are plenty of horses to ride during hiking; actually there are competitions for the same.

Tucson, AZ (520) 447-4433 Residential, Commercial & High Rise Window Washing.  Do you enjoy rock climbing? What of cycling? This town has been famous for having huge rocks that are catchy to the eyes and hilarious to explore. Biking is also interesting on level ground under the sun and sand. Bird watching is one thing you can`t by pass. The city has a variety of birds to gaze upon have fun and learn. Have you heard of about the Lawrence Whipple Observatory? It is right here in the city. It’s a scene of a kind. Visitors tend to think they are in another world. The planets are brought so close whizzing past the head. It is found in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. There are several other museums and galleries that display the cultural legacy of the city.

Shopping is memorable within the city. The experience by the new Sun Link street car is out of this world. You will comfortably go through the heart of the city and find shops and shopping malls that are crunchy and elegant.  Food and accommodation should not worry you. There are a diverse of the products that are pocket friendly without compromising the quality.

Free yourself again. Grab your sport shoes and put on your poker face. Feel like a child again and enjoy playing Bingo, blackjack among many other games.

Tucson is the city to enjoy and explore without limits.

Interesting facts about Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff, AZ is the central hub in the Northern Arizona. It derived its name from a flag raising ceremony that was held on 4th July, 1876 by the Boston travelers. They selected a tall pines, trimmed its branches and attached a flag to its top to observe the nation’s centennial.

At an elevation of about 7,000 feet, this city is one of the highest elevated city in United States. It features four distinct season climate and it is a favorite place for desert dwellers to escape the scorching heat during summer in Scottsdale and Phoenix areas. Here, vacationers can enjoy cooler temperatures of about 25 degrees.

The population in this city has exploded in the past 10 years growing to over 65,000 residents. The population increases considerably during summer months when vacationers with second homes move in in search of cooler climate.

Flagstaff is an Industrial Hub

Flagstaff plays host to several manufacturing facilities for companies like Nestle Purina Pet Care, Gore-Tex Medical and major distribution facilities for big companies like Walgreens. Undeniably, this city though small has great potential and may grow to be the next big city in United States.

Flagstaff Climate

The refreshing temperatures in late spring are ideal for hiking and golfing. During summer, temperatures go as high as 90 degrees and as low as 40. From October, the temperatures drop quickly with lows reaching to 0 degrees. The weather in Flagstaff changes quickly from thunder storms and rainfall to sunny skies. Snowfall is very heavy during winter months filling the roads and streets with ice.

The Whole Town Smells Like Pine Trees

No, there is no butterscotch factory, a vanilla bottling plant or a large scale bakery in the city to give the sweet scent but Flagstaff is surrounded by one of the largest pine forest in the world, a tree which is famous for releasing a mouth watering sweet scent in summer months.

Denver, CO

(720) 255-0229 Denver, CO, We provide Commercial & Residential Window Washing.  Denver started as a mining camp back in 1958, during the Pikes Peak Gold rush. It is named after James Denver, who was the Kansas Territorial Governor, as an attempt to gain his favor. It became the Capital City when Colorado became a state.

Denver city is the unofficial capital of the Rocky Mountain West. It has 300 days of sunshine annually, and it always feels youthful and happy to be in Denver. The height of the Capitol building’s west steps is 5,280 feet above sea level. From it, visitors have an expansive view of the snow-capped Rockies.

Its downtown business district reveals a combination of its past of gold-mining and the present. Its clean and lovely streets reveal a look in to the future of greater prosperity.

You can take a moment each day to explore and shop in the mile-long shopping district. Once done, take a stroll back home or hope in to the 16th street Mall shuttle for free. It will whisk you to your destination since it stops at every block.

There are over 250 recreational parks, and the city is constantly acquiring more to cater for the population’s recreational needs. This includes 1,700 acres of open and natural space in the mountains. This is the best City to relax and explore anytime of the year.

There are numerous fun events that happen at Denver Convention center all the year round. These include the Great American Beer annual festival. During this festivals many brewers, large and small converge to test, taste and toast, to the finest beers the nation has to offer.

Games are also a big part of life in Denver. They range from football (Denver Broncos), hockey (Colorado Avalanche), to soccer (Colorado Rapids) or baseball (Colorado Rockies). All the stadiums are within the heart of the city. Denver is simply a convenient city to live in.

If you love personal sports, you can still enjoy biking, hiking and much more. Denver, in CO, is the place to be all year round.