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Professional Window Cleaning

We have been the premier window cleaning company in your local area for more than 20 years!

We Provide Commercial, Residential and High Rise Window Cleaning Services.

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Hire The Best Commercial Window Cleaners

Have you ever wondered what kind of impression clean windows leave your customers or clients with? If the windows of your office building are caked with dirt, coated with hard water spots, or covered with streaks, you’ve come to the right place. Professional Window Cleaning will provide you with expert commercial window washing services for your office or business that will make your windows shine.

Phoenix Arizona Commercial Window Cleaning at Domus Apartments

Phoenix Arizona Commercial Window Cleaning

With over 20 years of experience, Professional Window Cleaning can handle any job, no matter how big or small. We take pride in our commercial window washing services and we’re committed to your 100% satisfaction. You’ll be glad to know our commercial window cleaners are professional, courteous, and meticulously neat. They’ll never leave a mess behind or track dirt or mud onto your office’s carpets or outdoor area. Our window cleaners will treat your business with care and leave nothing behind but sparkling-clean windows every time.

Our Expert Phoenix Window Washers can handle a variety of commercial window cleaning projects, including:

  • Office Building Window Washing
  • Business Window Washing
  • Hi-Rise Window Washing
  • Retail Storefront Window Washing
  • Strip Mall Window Washing
  • Hotel Window Washing

Commercial window cleaning

Pro Window Washing Services

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

When you want professional window washers and meticulous window cleaning services, choose Professional Window Cleaning. Since 1999, we’ve been providing our commercial window washing services to a variety of customers, from small family-owned businesses to large corporations, and we’d love to do the same for you today.

To better meet your needs, Professional Window Cleaning also offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual window washing service plans for office buildings and businesses. Our window cleaning services plans are a hassle-free way for you to enjoy clean windows year-round. Talk to Professional Window Cleaning today about our window cleaning services and window cleaning service plans.

Our Phoenix commercial window cleaning services include:

  • Free Commercial Window Cleaning Estimates
  • Professional Team of Commercial Window Washers
  • Same Or Next Day Service
  • Our Window Washers Are Always Punctual
  • One Week Rain Guarantee
  • Ability to Quickly Pay Your Window Cleaning Invoice Online
  • Thorough Window Washing of All Glass Windows in Business or Office
  • Window Cleaners Will Scrub and Squeegee All Windows
  • Wiping Down of Window Frames,Tracks, and Ledges
  • Removal of Bugs, Cobwebs, Dirt, and Dust from All Windows, Frames, and Tracks
  • Removal of Paint Flecks, Hard Water Spots, Mineral Deposits, and Other Residue on Windows
  • Cleaning of All Window Screens and Screen Frames
  • ‘Green’ Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning Solution Used with All Window Cleaning Jobs
  • UV Protectant Available for Window Screens
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Commercial Window Cleaning Service Plans and Prices Available

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning at Sky Harbor International Airport

Don’t forget that our commercial window cleaners can provide you with Additional Services while they’re at your office building or place of business, including ceiling fan, skylight, light fixture, chandelier, and mirror cleaning.

Professional Window Cleaning cleans every window, every sill, every frame, every time. Call us today and we’ll make your windows shine!

You can also reach us with any questions about our commercial window cleaners and office and business window washing services through our Contact Us page.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Cleaning

There are so many commercial window washing firms that it can be tough to know which one to go with. Following these tips will ensure you pick a competent and professional company quickly and efficiently giving you more time to get on with the important job of running your department, office or business.

You should always check and make sure a company you are hiring has a through OSHA Safety Plan & a Safety Policy. It is imperative that with every quotation they provide you with method statements and risk assessments.These will assure you that you are dealing with a company who work safely and considerately. Do not entertain any company that doesn’t provide you with this information.

We are affiliated and accredited with some trade organization such as The International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA). This helps to demonstrate that they are competent in what they do; it also means they will adhere to the organization’s code of conduct ensuring you of a more professional service. Many of these organizations can help in the event of any problems with their members too, giving you greater peace of mind. The leading organizations to look for are: The Federation of Window Cleaners, Ladder Free, The British Institute of Cleaning Science and The British Academy of Window Cleaning

We carry top rated insurance for all our vehicles, employees, and general liability to protect your home or business. You can always call or email us to check our policy. You do not want the headaches and hassle of sorting out problems in the unlikely event of damages should you end up dealing with an uninsured window cleaner.

We are an experienced company and our expertise is what sets apart from our competition.

Although window cleaning is a relatively simple operation, it is important that the business can carry it out safely and use the correct procedures. Safety and confidence in workmanship with our technicians can only be achieved with a certain amount of experience under their belt.

It is worth checking whether the window cleaning company you are looking at offer any guarantees on their work.A professional company we always are happy to do this and most quality companies will give you a free re-clean in the event of you being less than satisfied.Give priority to companies offering quality assurances and guarantees.

Does the company in question give you any assurances on how competitive their prices are? We prioritize a high-quality company offering a price promise over one that doesn’t. There is no point in paying more for window cleaning than you need to.

Why hiring professional window cleaners is a better option than doing it yourself


A professional who has several years of experience will be able to do the work proficiently using all his knowledge. He knows what to deal with when it comes to any type of windows. Many windows have different shapes, sizes, material and glass but a professional will be able to use his experience to clean all types of glass.

Profession Equipment

True professionals will have every piece of equipment and tools to handle any job. From massive sky scrapers to mid-rise office buildings and car dealerships, a true technician will have the knowledge and the expertise to accomplish any job. A professional or a company has got all that it requires; extension poles, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, clothes, squeegees, mops and ladders, to name a few.


The experts can wash and wipe using all the latest tools and technologies in such a way that it removes all the dirt and dust to make it spotless. Will get them look more beautiful and will add beauty to your homes and offices. You will no more be afraid of the uninvited guests. All are welcome at any time, and you are sure to receive lots of compliments from them.

Saving You Time

The process of washing and wiping your windows inside and outside is a time-consuming process. Getting this done from the professionals saves you a lot of time in which you can focus on doing other important tasks. If you own a condominium building, medical building, a sky scraper, or other commercial property, then hiring commercial window cleaners are what it takes to make certain your property looks its best!

Window Panes & Durability

The appearance of the windows will be increased if they are cleaned by the experienced people at least a few times a year. It will increase the life of the window panes at your business or building.

Professional Window Cleaning is Your Nearby Commercial Window Cleaners

Windows provide a lot of benefits. These are designed to offer proper ventilation. They will allow natural lights to enter in. Also, you can enjoy the outside world. Also, windows maintain the indoor air quality and boost the curb appeal of both residential and commercial buildings. If you want to retain the look and efficiency of your windows, you will have to focus on maintenance. Dirty and poor-maintained windows can harm in many ways. Dirtiness will affect the indoor air quality, longevity of windows, and the appealing look of your building. Therefore, it is also suggested to clean windows regularly to maintain their charm, look, and durability.

You should always hire commercial window cleaners to clean your windows. You might be thinking that you will have to spend a decent amount on commercial window cleaners. However, if you consider the benefits related to the cleaning, you will certainly find it cost-effective. Also, if you try to do it on your own, you will have to spend on tools and chemicals. More importantly, you will be lacking the skill and experience and can harm yourself during the process. So, it is better to allow the professionals to handle the job.

While hiring professionals, you will have to choose the one with industry knowledge, experience, and a good reputation. If you are looking for such a service locally, you can consider hiring Professional Window Cleaning. We are highly skilled, experienced, and well-equipped. We can transform the look and feel of your commercial windows without costing much. We are well-trained to wash all types of windows.

What Makes Us Worth The Time and Money

We are capable to meet all the cleaning needs. We understand different window materials and design the cleaning method accordingly. We can clean high rise and poorly maintained windows and can offer them a fresh and new look at the minimum possible time. Our cleaning methods will be safe and effective. You can also consider the following reasons. Contact us for more information about our window cleaning prices.

Optimal Cleanliness

A commercial building should be well-maintained to create the first impression and win the trust of customers. When it comes to cleanliness, you will have to focus on the overall cleaning including your windows. Dirty windows can affect the look of your home exterior as well as the interior. Our commercial window cleaners are thoroughly skilled and experienced. They will help you to maintain your windows and boost longevity. Also, your business can grab the attention of your customers by maintaining the cleanliness up to their standard.

Skills & Experience

As stated earlier, all our team members are well-trained and experienced. They understand the industry and its requirements. They know how to clean different types of windows without affecting the look and integrity of the end product. As they are experienced, they can handle any window cleaning job effortlessly.

Safe Cleaning

Window cleaning is not easy, especially in high-rise buildings. You should never try to do this cleaning job on your own. If you will clean your high rise windows, you can experience a major accident in the absence of the skills, experience, and tools. Commercial windows should always be cleaned by professionals. We will take all the safety measures to offer optimal cleaning without damaging your property and harming your family or our team members in any manner. We will make the entire process safe.


You will need different types of tools for window cleaning. Some of these tools are expensive and can be an extra burden. We have all the advanced cleaning tools to offer a cost-effective solution to our customers. Once you hire us, you will not have to spend on tools. We are fully equipped and can complete the project effortlessly and more effectively. We use our own lift and equipment to reduce the end cost of the project.

Less Time-consuming

As we use advanced tools and the best talents in the industry, you can expect a fast solution. Our team can clean all the windows at a convenient time. First, we will discuss the project and then we will design the cleaning depending on your window type, specific requirements, and your budget. We will start the cleaning after a thorough discussion and will complete the project as fast as possible.

What Are Our Cleaning Methods?

As stated above, our commercial window cleaners can clean all types of commercial windows. We will decide the cleaning method depending on the type of windows. However, all the cleaning methods will be safe and can offer optimal cleaning as well as fast solutions.

High Rise Window Washing

You can consider us for your high rise window cleaners. Needless to mention, it is risky to clean high rise windows without skills and experience. You will need some specific tools to clean these windows. We understand the unique cleaning requirement of high rise windows. We will make the process entirely safe.

Waterfed Window Washing

We are best at the water fed window washing system. This system will use purified water to clean your windows. After cleaning the dirt by waterfed brush, the water stream from the waterfed system will rinse the windows and leave nothing behind. Since we will use only pure water, there will be no spot on your windows after cleaning. The water pole window cleaning system will use a telescopic pole and can access high rise windows. This is essentially like taking your window to the spot-free car wash!

Professional Window Cleaning has all the big equipment needed to clean windows high access window cleaning painting or electrical

We use our own window cleaning equipment and lifts to help keep your window cleaning prices low!

Boom Lift Window Washing

Professional Window Cleaning is specialized in boom lift window washing. We will use the bucket lifts to ensure easy and safe access to the façade of buildings. Boom lifts can help to access hard to reach areas. When using boom lifts, this costs a great deal of money. We own our own lifts and equipment to help keep the costs lower for our valued customers.

When Should You Hire Us?

You can hire us for almost all types of commercial window cleaning. We are well-equipped and well-experienced to handle any window cleaning job seamlessly. You can contact us to clean airports, sports stadiums, medical buildings, high rise office buildings, high rise condominiums, restaurants, car dealerships, and all other commercial properties. We have enough staff to handle any window cleaning job regardless of complexities and size.

Talk to our team to discuss your project. Our experts will answer all your queries. Protection Status